Prime Time

A drift boat trip down a local musky river is a great way to spend a crisp October day.

A nice river musky fooled with a fly rod.

Steelhead fishing on the Brule has picked up and fresh fish are arriving daily.  The water is at a great flow right now, though early, early morning has been best.  

Sorry for the lack of reports, but it's hard to find time these days!  Fall fishing is at its best right now for many different species.  October is such a great month to be doing ANYthing outside, and the good fishing has just been a bonus.  

We were on the river today for musky, and there were a few willing fish.  Always kind of cool to fool one of those fish with a fly rod.  The water was a little high and on the chilly side, but the fishing was good for both Pike and Musky.   A drift boat trip down a musky river in October is hard to beat!

Steelhead fishing on the Brule has been getting better.  There has been a good push of fresh fish lately, and though there doesn't seem to be a ton of fish around this year, there are some really nice sized fish.  Egg patterns and small nymphs dead drifted under an indicator in the deeper holes and runs in the early mornings has been best.  

On the big water, the Cohos are around, some days seem better than others, but they're showing up and will continue to do so as fall progresses. Trolling has been good between Houghton Point to the Onion River and near Long Island.  Flat lining and planer boards with stick baits are the way to go.  

Smallmouth fishing continues to be solid.  The fish are really feeding well, and this is prime time for smallmouth fishing.  

Get out there and have some fun before the snow starts to fly!!!!