Checking in From Flippin, Ark.

Lots of hard work goes into each boat!  Pretty neat to see how a Ranger is built from start to finish.

The new Evinrude G2 outboard.  

2510 Ranger Bay boat, brand new this year.  

We just got back from a pro-staff meeting at the Ranger Boats facility down in Flippin, Arkansas.  It's such a cool operation that employees many hard working folks who really put their pride into building great boats and it really shows in the end product. We were really impressed with the new Ranger aluminum series, especially the new deep v hulls.  They should be great multi-species boats for the upper midwest.  It was cool to see the new boats for 2015 and some of the new motors.  The only bummer about being around all those boats was the realization that we have a LONG time to go before we'll be out on open water.  Thanks again to the folks at Ranger and keep up the good work.

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