Check out this awesome double Snook shot from this winter down in the Bahamas!  Those big Snook are really cool.

After a few welcomed warm days, South Shore Tribs have let go and we're looking at some serious runoff conditions.  Everything, including the Brule, is high and muddy.  We've really lost a lot of snow the past couple days, which is nice to see.  Before the blow out, the Brule was fishing really nicely most days, with a few fresh fish starting to show up.  The good news is that when this initial runoff subsides and the water begins to warm a little, we'll be looking at some great Steelhead fishing.  Remember that the snowmelt raises the water, but it also cools it way down.  A combination of rising water temps and subsiding river flows will get those fish going. We should be looking at a good push of fish in the not too distant future, and fishing should last well into May.  

Ice conditions continue to change each day, and travel gets harder and harder out there.  Most people seem to be over ice fishing and are getting stocked up and ready for open water.