Late May Report

Smallmouth fishing continues to be pretty good.  We've had nice stable weather the past few days and the fishing has been strong.  Fish were eating topwater flies (poppers and big deer hair divers) a few days ago, so that was pretty cool to see, and that style of fishing will only get better as the water continues to warm.  Otherwise, smaller baitfish patterns have been good, and the fish seem to be eating flies on the drop, or pause.

On the light tackle side of things, numerous soft plastic baits and techniques are working real well with slower presentations.  

The seiche really started pulling today and yesterday and the water has dirtied up in certain areas because of it and the fish are adjusting to those changes as well.  We had nice clear water on Thursday, but that all changed when the tides starting ripping.  Look like we're in for a bit of a weather change for the weekend and early next week, so things will probably change again.

Trout and salmon trolling is going well, too, with shallow and deeper presentations working.  If fish aren't up off the first break from the shallow water, don't be afraid to try in some deeper water.