Mid June Report

Walter and his crew braved the nasty conditions yesterday and put a few nice fish in the boat on both flies and plastics.  

Florida Keys?  No, just another day fly fishing Lake Superior smallmouth.

Lots of fishing happening around here right now.  Smallmouth fishing has been great when the weather has been good.  We had a major drop in temperature and some nasty east winds that made fishing tough yesterday, but it was still fun out there despite the weather feeling more like October rather than mid June.  Persistence paid off and a few nice fish came to the boat, which was fun to see. The water has dirtied up a bit in a few places after the rain and the big west winds last Thursday. Fish are in different stages of the spawn right now and a variety of tactics is working.  

For fly fishing, darker clousers have been working well, as well as a few suspending baitfish patterns in white, or lighter colors. We had a few nice fish come up on poppers the other day, and even had one come up yesterday in the wind and the cold, which was cool.

We're still mainly fishing plastics on the light tackle side of things.  Very little weight, or super small jigs rigged with senkos and grubs have been working.  Fishing them slow has been the key.

Walleyes have been going pretty good near the head of the bay on the west side of the power plant with fish coming off crawler harnesses and stick baits trolled off of planer boards.  

Inland fishing has been great, too.  Bluegills, perch, crappies: it's all been pretty good and a lot of fun!