6-23 Report

A hhandful of Lake Superior Smallmouth Bass is pure happiness.  

Nate made a few great shots to some cruising fish in the skinny water.  Freshwater Flats fishing!

Lately, Anglers All has been a hub of sorts for a bunch of great folks from Arkansas.  

We've kind of been stuck in a foggy weather pattern the past few days, but it's been burning off in the afternoon usually, and makes for some pretty cool scenery out there.  The fishing continues to be great and there are a lot of happy smallmouth out there.  We're starting to get some pretty solid topwater action when the conditions are right and a bunch of fish are off the beds and feeding which is good to see.  Fish have been hanging out in the usuall haunts, and have been using some of the newly emerging weeds.  Soft jerk baits twitched through the weeds worked well yesterday, as well as senkos and other creature type baits dragged slowly.  

Fly fishing has been great too with some really good topwater action.  Wiggle Minnows and deer-hair divers have been taking fish.  Clousers with nice, heavy eyes tied pretty sparse are great to use if they're not coming up to grab topwater flies or bigger baitfish patterns.  The seiche has been pushing pretty hard and at times it's best to swing your fly through the current, just like you would fishing a streamer in the river.