The end of June already?

James is only 12, but already knows how to finesse those big Smallmouth!

Stalking fish in the shallows.

Hard to believe it's the end of June already!  Time flies when the fishing is fun!  We've had a great season so far out on the big lake, and we're looking forward to summer out on the water. The winds have switched to a southerly flow, and we were even able to shed a few layers and sport t-shirts a few days ago!  Shorts may be in the not-to-distant future.

Smallmouth fishing is great right now, with minimal pressure and lots of fish around in the shallows.  Fish are starting to spread out and can be found in a variety of different areas.  Channel edges with weeds and transition areas to deeper water, as well as up on the shallow flats.  We're finding fish spreading out to their summer haunts as well, so don't be afraid to look to a few other places around the bay. Early mornings have been great for topwater action.  The fish have really seemed to be going through feeding windows.  Action can be hot and heavy, then slow down for a period of time, before the fish feed again.  

Walleyes are being caught at the head of the bay in shallow in the mornings, and as the sun lifts in the sky, they are moving deeper throughout the day.  Look to the deeper channels midday.

Trolling has been great all over from Houghton Point to the North and out into the Islands.  Planner Boards with long lines up shallow and down riggers running deep lines will cover the water column.