Early June Report


Tough to find time for a report these days!  We've got a wet cold front today and a day off the water.

Fishing remains strong with good numbers of Smallmouth in the boat each day.  The water is warming up, (nearly 70 in some places) and the fish have been happy.  Fish can be found in all the usual haunts, and are responding to a number of presentations.

Fly fishing has been fun with most fish still taking a Clouser Minnow fished slower.  A few fish really wanted a quick presentation, but most have still been eating the fly on the drop or pause.  Most eats have been super subtle and it's important to remember to let the fish turn before coming tight to the fish.  The best hook set has been really similar to the way you would strip set a bonefish:  just feel the fish and strip tight to the fish.  Afternoons and mornings have been pretty good for a little topwater action and I'm looking forward to more fish coming off the top.

Light Tackle:

We're mainly fishing plastics and it's been really fun.  Jigs with a grub, senkos and creature style baits have been working.  Sometimes its just been a matter of finding which depth the fish want the bait to swim at and they'll eat.  Fish are in shallow water as well as a little deeper (4-6ft).

Looks like the weather will straighten up tomorrow and the week ahead looks good as well.  See you on the water!