Early July

Gary (right) drove his RV all the way from Oklahoma to fish Chequamegon Bay.  He has fished Largemouth Bass his entire life, but had never fished for or caught a Smallmouth Bass.  He and his brother-in-law Cuck (left) had a great day and I think it's safe to say Gary is hooked on these fish.  

We had prefect weather yesterday and nice, calm water.  The fish were going through short feeding windows and action was great during those times.  Shannon was able to wrangle up some great fish.  

Chuck with yet another great fish.  That sea green color and those dark stripes along with those bright red eyes never get old to look at!

It has been a great week of fishing on the big lake!  We had a few days of odd weather, but the fishing remained strong all week with very little fishing pressure out there.  

Smallmouth have been fishing great all week long in the shallows.  We're finding fish in 2-3 ft. of water.  They've been pretty active in the early mornings, crashing minnows on the surface and then again in the evenings. During the day, the fish are feeding during windows and the action has been great during those times.  Topwater has been working early and late when the fish can be seen rolling and chasing minnows. Certain flats are holding more fish than others, but once you find them, you'll get action.  The seiche has really been pumping, especially with the full moon, and the fish seem to be really active during only certain phases of the seiche.  The fish have been transitioning to deeper holes as well, but there should be fish in the shallows for at least another week.  

Trolling has been really good, as well, for trout and salmon.  There have been a bunch of fish up higher in the water column, chasing minnows.  The fish have been crashing bait on the surface and making a bunch of commotion, but it's hard to say if this action will last, or if it was only happening for a few days.