The end of August

Look at how calm it was out there!  69 degrees out, perfectly calm water and high, blue skies.  You really can't ask for a better place to be, the fish are just a bonus.

Leonard from Sherman Texas and his wife Kim had a great time out on the Bay.  The fish were really schooled up this day and fishing was great.

The end of August is here and summer is sadly winding down, but these cool mornings have felt pretty refreshing, and it's pretty exciting to think about the next few months on the South Shore.  We're starting to see the first hints of the fall fishing period out on the big water.  A few days of strong offshore winds cooled the water slightly and a few trout started showing themselves.  We had a few nice brown trout yesterday and the smallmouth fishing the past few days has really picked up.  Fishing was better towards Ashland early in the week and as the winds calmed we were able to get offshore later in the week.  

Trollers have been reporting good numbers of lake trout, but not too many browns or salmon yet.  It won't be too much longer before these fish really start showing up, especially with some more offshore wind and cooler temps.

The big rain we had really dirtied the water up near the head of the bay and the currents are pushing that water around, but it should clear up fairly soon in those areas.