Early August Report

Dylan, from the Philips area, is only 12 years old, but he was a great fisherman and caught plenty of great Smallmouth.  Keep fishing dude!

Don and his crew had a great day on the water. Dare I say it was too warm out there?    The fish were going through feeding windows on and off again throughout the day and they put a bunch of great fish in the boat.  It was a pretty classic summer day on Chequamegon Bay.

You've got to love summer on the South Shore!  The past few days have been great and have been the kind of days you like to think back on when it's blowing 35 knots out of the Northeast and snowing.

The Smallmouth are in their typical summer patterns, utilizing deep weeds, current areas, rock piles, and structure around Ashland.  Early mornings have been good, and then the fish seem to go on and off throughout the day.  If you're not getting action, try another spot.  We've seen lots of fish that are super fat and chunky after gorging themselves on the Mayfly hatch, but lots of fish are still chasing baitfish as well, and can be seen crashing bait on the surface in the early mornings. Fishing will continue to get strong as the season progresses.  Live bait rigs with circle hooks will take a bunch of fish, but soft plastics are still working great in certain areas, too.  

Trolling has also been good for Lake Trout and the occasional Salmon out deep around the islands and beyond.  Spoons have been working well, as well as flasher/fly rigs.