A good week!

Forrest Wood of Flippin, Arkansas with a nice Chequamegon Bay Smallmouth.  Forrest is the founder of Ranger Boats and had a great time in Ashland. Thanks for building great boats Forrest!  

Wade Bourne of Clarksville, Tennessee, host of Wired2fish Radio and co-host of Ducks Unlimited Television had a great time on the waters of Chequamegon Bay.

David Rainer (left) of Silverhill, Alabama, and Wade Bourne of Clarksville, Tennessee with one of there many doubles on the Bay. The weather was a little on the cool side for early August, but these Southern Boys weren't complaining!

It has been a busy week around here!  We've had a great run of weather, some great days of fishing and have been running trips with a bunch of great folks from all over the country! 

Smallmouth fishing is still steady with some days better than others, but that's always typical for this time of year.  Sometimes it pays to move around and try different spots if the fish aren't happy in certain locations.  We've been finding great numbers of fish in shallow as they seem to be really feeding on crayfish the past few days, but there are a bunch of fish out in the deep holes as well.  Fishing will continue to get better as the summer progresses.  Fall is right around the corner and is one of the best times of the year to be here fishing.  We're looking forward to the fall smallmouth bite, but for now, let's just enjoy this great summer weather!