Mid September Report

Ashley and Dan came up to Ashland to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary and had a great day out on Chequamegon Bay.  Sorry Dan, but I think Ashley's fish was a little bigger.....

Fighting another double hook up.  

The happy young couple with a couple of hefty early fall smallmouth.

The fish have responded nicely after the big storm, but the key is to find clear water.  

A great sunrise from a recent early morning river mouth session for Trout and Salmon.  Fish have been rolling and chasing bait really early, and as the sun rises, the fish seem to move back out to deeper water.  

We weren't sure how the Bay would be fishing after the big storm, but the past few days have been great and the fish have been loving this cool weather and we've been experiencing a great bite out there.  With much of the Bay really dirty, the key has been to find the clean water.  The winds and currents are pushing all that muddy water from the big gale around, so things change all the time.  The smallmouth are getting into their fall feeding patterns and we're seeing some great looking fish starting to school up out there.   Just make sure to keep an eye out for floating debris leftover from the storm when running your boat.  

The river mouths and beaches north of Wasburn have had some action in the early mornings for Browns and a few Cohos.  The fish have been really active before sunrise, so it pays to get there early.  The water is a little dirty down that way too, though.  With a few days of offshore winds, the water should cool down a little more and the near shore bite for trout and salmon should get better.