'Tis the Season

Cohos are starting to show up in the shallows.

A couple of nice fall smallies ready for release.

Is there a better looking fish than a Brook Trout in its fall colors?  The inland trout rivers are in great shape right now. 

It's getting to be that most wonderful time of the year.  The leaves are super colorful, mornings on the water have been crispy cool, and the fishing is fun.

On the big water, everybody seems to be coho crazy.  The fish are definitely around and they seem to be of pretty good size this year.  The fish are moving shallow in the mornings and evenings and then pushing out over deeper water during the daylight hours. Fish have been caught up in the rivers too.  

Some of the best Smallmouth fishing of the year is coming upon us and we're already getting in on that classic fall bite.  There's still a lot of dirty water moving around out there so just keep an eye on it and look for clean water.  The edges of the dirty water can be good as well. 

The inland trout rivers are fishing great right now for brookies and browns.  Fall is the time to throw bigger streamer patterns and fish them aggressively.  The Brook Trout are all colored up and are just beautiful right now.  

The Brule is looking great right now as well.  Steelhead are trickling in and will only get better as the fall moves on.

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