Commercial and Report

Cenex commercial featuring a short clip of the shop and our now world famous employee Zach!

Check out the recent Cenex commercial filmed in the Ashland Area this last summer!  Nice to see our favorite local diner and a short clip of the Anglers All shop in there.  Longtime Anglers All employee Zach had a pretty good role in the commercial, and we're hoping he sticks around and doesn't move out to hollywood to pursue is acting dreams ;)

Back to fishing......

It was a pretty busy weekend around here. The warm temperatures combined with the DNR's free fishing weekend had a lot of people out on the ice.  The high school ice fishing tournament had a great turn out and it was nice to see so many kids show up and get out there.  I wish I would've had a fishing team when I was in high school.

The Perch fishing off of second landing has been pretty good with reports of some good size fish caught out in 12-14 ft of water.  Guys are driving trucks out on the Bay and there is pretty good travel conditions, but just remember no ice is ever safe.  Watch out for big pressure cracks near the lighthouse.  

North of Washburn the fishing is still going good for Browns and splake.  The splake are on the smaller size, so you may need to fish some smaller jigs if you keep getting bumps but no hookups.  Most fish have came from that 20-30 foot range, but sometimes they are in close, too.  ATV's and snowmobiles are still recommended for travel in areas to the North, or just walk or throw on a pair of ski's if you're the quiet type.  Out of Bayfield and Red Cliff and out towards Basswood, Whitefish are being caught as well as a few Browns and a couple Lake Trout.  I'm going to go do some exploring at the end of the week so we'll see what's happening then.  Have fun out there, be safe enjoy the great conditions we've got this year.