Late January Report

Pink was the hot color a few days ago.  The near shore trout bite was strong one day, but slower the next.  Lot of opportunities for many types of fish out there right now.  

Kind of tough to see with all the clouds, but that's open water coming right in to the Northern edge of Madeline Island.  This was the satellite shot from the afternoon of the 29th.  

It's mid-season ice fishing and there are a lot of opportunities to get after just about everything that swims out there.  We've still got excellent travel conditions on the Bay and to points North. Minimal snow on the ice and great ice depth make it pretty darn easy to get around.  

To the North, nearshore fishing for trout has been decent with some days better than others. Whitefish are being caught out in a little deeper water as well as the occasional herring.  Set tip ups with rigged with a shiner and a small hook just a few feet below the ice for the herring. Into the Apostle Islands, the ice conditions are variable.  As of a few days ago, there's open water on the North side of Madeline and lots of blue water beyond that.  Just be super careful when venturing into the Islands.  

In the Bay proper, Smelt fishing has been great out near the Lighthouse and in the deeper water of the channel.  If you can find a good weed bed, you can catch smelt all day long.  Use a super light rod rigged with a Hali Jig tipped with waxies or a minnow head.  It's great fun and you can get your smelt fix if you have a craving for the tasty little morsels.  Just be prepared for the occasional Brown to come through and test your light-weight smelt tackle.  Anything can happen out there this time of year.  it's kind of fun to see how many different species you can catch in a single day.