The new Freedom Tackle "Minnow" spoons have been killer on the new ice towards Bodins and up the coast near Bayfield and Redcliff.  

The return of the dreaded Poloar Vortex has been welcomed by area Ice Anglers as we've got great ice conditions out there and it's only getting better.  We've got pretty good conditions out towards Houghton Point and around the corner to Bodins.  There's been a bunch of smaller Splake and some real decent Browns being caught out in 20 ft of water or so.  Throw out a couple tip ups rigged with shiners and jig smaller spoons tipped with a minnow. A few people are starting to venture out to the nearshore waters of Bayfield and Red Cliff but just BE CAREFUL!!!  Bring your ice bar and check your way out!

We've got the new Freedom lure company "Minnow" spoon, and it's been killer for trout and salmon.  It's a new bait made in Canada, and they've given the fish something different to look at and they sure have worked.  The Orange and Copper has been the best so far.   

Those new spoons have been working great on the new ice out of Bodins and up the coast towards Bayfield and Redcliff.  

In the Bay proper, things haven't changed too much.  There's been good Perch action out of Second Landing and over towards Washburn, guys are catching Browns and a few Coho mixed in.