Zach from Crested Butte, CO, with a nice Coho from an area trib.

Lots of splake around the shorelines.  Great fun on a fly rod or light spinning tackle.  

The fog is great.  Nobody can see where you're fishing! ;)

When I don't post reports very often, it usually means the fishing has been good and I'm too busy to get on the computer and load up pictures and stuff.  Well, the past month has been no exception.  As expected, after our last rain event, the rivers loaded up with fish for a short period.  The Cohos have been huge this year, for Lake Superior standards anyways, and if you got in on that last push of fish, you would've seen some great ones.  In the Lake, trout and and a few salmon are working the shorelines.  I've ran into a pile of Splake and some good browns up really tight to the shore in some places.  It seems like most of the Cohos are probably up the rivers and gone by now, but there are a few out there yet.  Water temps were still in the upper 40s a few days ago.  Smallmouth are in moving into their wintering areas around Ashland and schooling up.  It's been a good season with consistent fishing and some funky weather and wind, but all in all, another good year on the water.  This will probably be the last report for a while, but we'll see.   

Also, the shop is starting to get a few things in stock for ice fishing season, so if you're getting excited for that, we've got the gear on the way.