It's cold

It's been pretty darn cold the past few days, and it's hard to get super excited about ice fishing, especially when our Sage, Rio, Redington and Fishpond Rep Dave sends these kind of pictures in the morning.  He's just back from the Bahamas, and had great fishing landing his personal best Bonefish on the new Sage "Salt" rod.  Man, that looks pretty darn nice.  Check out the set of chompers on that Barracuda!  They're a pretty cool fish, and if you like to chase Musky, get down into the saltwater someday and get after Cudas.  They're a very impressive fish. 

Those fisherman who haven't subdued to the winter blues and dreams of open water are out on the bay targeting a lot of Whitefish in the deeper water out of Washburn, and to points North.  The area in around 70-80 ft of water off Van Tassels has been good.  Things in the bay proper are pretty much the same as they have been with a mixed catch of perch, smelt, walleyes and the occasional brown and small coho.  

If you're looking to shake the winter blues, head on up to the Duluth Boat, Sport and Travel show and stop by the Anglers All booth in the arena at the DECC.  The show goes from today through Sunday.