Smelt and Steelhead

The smelt are just starting.  Last night was the first night our guys got into them. 

After the rains, the Brule is up pretty high, but fishing will be prime as the levels come down in the next few days.  

Smelt Report:

Last night (April 12th) our shop smelters made some big pulls and came in today with a big old cooler full.  So yeah, it's happening out there, but it's just starting. We have a few more nets in stock at the shop if you want to get out there your self. Depending on the day and if our guys got out there, we'll have fresh smelt for sale by the pound ($2/lb). Call the shop to see if we have anything fresh.  I don't think the guys are going out tonight (April 13th) so we probably won't have anything fresh tomorrow, but call mid-week to see what we have.  

Steelhead Report:  

 A good rain came through last night and pushed the Brule and other South Shore tribs up in flows.  As of this afternoon the Brule was running pretty off-colored, but should be coming into shape nicely later tomorrow.  The rains are welcomed, and should bring a nice push of fresh fish in.  With the higher water, fish darker bugs and go up in size in your egg patters.  This next week should be prime on the rivers.