Mid-May Report

Doug from Appleton landed this great smallie a few days ago.  We've had just about every type of weather the past few weeks, but the fish are there and it's just a matter of slowing down and being there when they get hungry.  

Great colors on this fish.

Foggy!  I love these kind of mornings on the Bay.  Better know where you're going though!

Tom from St. Paul with a nice Bay fish.  

Small hair-jigs have worked in the cooler water when the fish don't seem to want to move much.

Rain, snow, wind, fog, sun, cold, warm.  We've had it all in the past few weeks, and it's been a pretty classic spring out on the Bay.  Water temps a few weeks back were pushing the mid-60s in the shallows, and a big, cold, wet low pressure came through about a week ago and pushed those temps down into the mid-upper 40's.  It's rebounded a bit, and the forecast looks pretty "normal" for the next few days and we should be back to where it was pretty quick like.  Despite the water cooling down, the fishing has been good the past few weeks.  Fishing slow was the name of the game and small jig and grub combinations and small hair jigs worked well when the fish didn't want to move.  A few really nice fish started to move into the shallows, but things are going to change again with the water warming up, and the best fishing is yet to come.