Early May Report

Matt and Kevin with a good fish to start the year.

Beautiful markings on this one.  Just remember these fish grow big and old and it's a good thing to handle them properly.  Some smallmouth in the Bay will grow to be 22 years old!

Ahhh, another great day.  You've got to love this time of year.

We've got Bay Bugs back in stock at the shop.  A great all around bass fly for the waters of Lake Superior as well as the areas inland lakes and rivers.  

Sorry for the lack of reports, but it's fishing season and we're getting busy on the water around here.  The fishing has been great, too, which makes it hard to take a step back and get on the computer.  We've had some gorgeous weather up on the big lake to start the year off, with high sun and calm winds.  The water is really clear this year, too.  The smallmouth are around in all the usual spots and they've been pretty happy.  Water temps are in the low to mid-50s.  We've caught them on just about every different technique and even had a few fish on topwater already, so that's cool.   On the fly fishing side of things, the Clouser Minnow has been the best along with the Lapenter Bay Bug, which we now have being commerically tied again, so we're stocked up in the shop on this classic Smallmouth fly.  We've been testing out the new Sage "Salt" rod out there too, and it has been a pleasure to cast.  It's nice and light and has a ton of power to really make those longer casts that you often need when the water is clear like it is right now.  On the light tackle side of things, soft plastics and our custom tied hair-jigs are working really well.  Looks like we're in for a bit of a weather change in the next few days, so that could change everything out there, but we'll see.