This time of year, Anglers All turns into a hub of sorts for a bunch of really great folks from Arkansas.  Kyle ,here, had a great couple of days on the bay.  

Great conditions on the big lake made for some epic fishing the past few days.

Kelly, another Arkansan, with a great Cheq. Bay smallie.  

Wow.  We've had a few great days of weather out there with calm winds and warm temperatures.  In fact, it was down right hot out there!  The fish have really responded well and we've had a great time on the water the past few days.  The topwater bite has been great, turning on in the afternoon into the evening and all kinds of other techniques are working, too.   

Check out this recent Duluth News Tribune story about fishing Chequamegon Bay with Anglers All guide Luke:  http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/outdoors/fishing/3761068-barefootin-bay-fishing-bass-chequamegon-bay