Summer Fishing is Here

Ron from New York spent 6 days on the Bay chasing smallies on the fly.  We had a great time, experienced all kinds of weather and got into some great fish.

Hooked up on the fly.  Early summer is still a great time of the year for Fly Fishing, you've just got to be able to find baitfish and an active school of fish. 

The weather has been up and down lately, with a nice stretch of good weather followed by storms and wind, but the Smallies have transitioned nicely into their summer fishing pattern.  This time of year, the fish are located on rockpiles, current points and deep edges.  Structure in and around Ashland holds fish as well.  The fish will go through feeding windows this time of year, so if you're not getting bit either wait them out or switch spots and look for active fish.  There's been reports of good trout fishing out into the Islands with some really nice fish being caught recently.  We've even seen a few schools of Brown Trout roaming around some of the Smallmouth spots, chasing baitfish early in the morning.  On spinning tackle, small soft jerk baits rigged on light jigs work well to find active fish.  On the fly fishing side, it's hard to beat a clouser minnow right now, but big, white baitfish patterns like the Murdich Minnow have been great when the water is rough.