8-10-15 Report

Topwater fishing has been great lately.  If it's cloudy and calm, it can be good all day, otherwise as the sun starts going down in the evening, the big fish start looking up.  This fish came up and gently sipped a #10 caddis pattern off the top.  

Smallmouth fishing has been steady with some days better than others, but in the past few days with the nice calm weather and humidity, we've seen some pretty cool topwater action out there.  Lots of fish have been eating Caddis off the top, which has made for some really fun fly fishing opportunities.  It can be hard to find a school of fish actively feeding off the top, but when you do, it's great action.  It always helps to pay attention to what exactly the fish are keyed in on in terms of food, and match your presentation accordingly.  

There are still good reports of some great Lake Trout fishing coming in, mostly out into the Islands and out on the "flats."  It will be a few more weeks yet, but it's getting close to the time of year to start looking for Cohos starting to come in.  Fall is a great time of year to pursue the inshore trolling bite, but it's still a little ways out yet.