Grant, from Billings, Montana, with a perfect Chequamegon Bay Smallmouth caught on a fly.  

August seems to be flying by, but that only means we're getting closer to fall, the best time of year around here.  But we've got plenty of summer left, which is a good thing.  It was pretty darn hot up here for a solid week, and we just got through a pretty nice summer nor-easter that cooled things down for a few days.  Prior to the stormy weather, the fishing was great.  We were still finding Smallmouth up near the surface actively chasing bait and the fishing was great.  Lots of bait in the bay this year for everything to eat.  This time of year, it really pays to start looking at wind directions and understand how those winds effect the water.  Offshore winds (SW-NW) will cool the water down and bring in the first schools of cohos and browns.  Onshore winds (NE-E) will feel cool, but actually push warm water in keeping those trout and salmon further offshore.  The big Lake-run browns are making there way up the Brule right now.  Best way to get after these fish is at night.  Look for quiet water and throw mouse patterns or large, dark streamers.  They're pretty wary fish, but they're big and when you here one crash a surface pattern in the middle of the night, it's pretty cool.