Welcome to September!

That's one happy German!  Michael is from Germany and came to us by way of Dallas, Texas to experience our great fishery.  We had a memorable day on the water. Das ist der Hammer!!!

A highlight for the summer for me was watching Naomi here, 9 years old from New York, New York catch smallmouth all day last Sunday. We hit one of the best days of fishing this summer and she and her family had a great trip.  She was super excited from start to finish and didn't want to go in at the end of the day.  She could cast better than most people, set the hook right and fight fish all the way to the boat.  Way to go Naomi!

Kent from southern Wisconsin hit some good fish late last week.  Even though it's still warm, the fish are starting to feed pretty actively.

September is here, but it sure doesn't feel like it right now.  Super warm and muggy out there!  Even though it's been warm on land, we've had some pretty good offshore winds out of the Southwest and the water in the Bay has cooled down in some places.  Temps have ranged from the low 50's to the mid-60's depending on where you're at.  Those winds have brought in a few trout and salmon, and we've seen them chasing bait around some of the Smallmouth spots, but it's still a little early for steady action if you want to target those fish.  For right now, we're still in a summer pattern, but things will change soon enough.