Fall? Not quite...

We're still finding fish roaming around shallow chasing bait on random structure along the shorelines, but the window is closing now for shallow smallmouth.

It's been super foggy the past few days out there.   The water is still warm yet, and it doesn't really feel like fall quite yet.

Another fun day on Lake Superior!!!

Throughout the month of September it's been pretty warm up here, and although the colors are turning, it doesn't feel like fall just yet.  Water temps on the bay are hanging in the upper 50's and even low 60's in some areas as of today.  With these conditions, the Smallmouth are still pretty much in summer patterns yet.  We've been finding fish scattered shallow (3-6 of water) just roaming around scattered structure. There are fish out in the deeper holes too, but it's still fun to look for those shallow fish. When we get our first good change of weather, the fish should start to school up a little deeper.  There are good reports of Cohos being caught along the river mouths and there have been fish caught up in the rivers too.  The first good push of Fall Steelhead came into the Brule the other day and there are some big Cohos in there right now too.