Late January

These nice Browns are willing to party right now, and it's been fun.  

Fly Fishing film tour is at Northland College on Feb. 6.  Get your tickets in the shop.

Ice fishing has been fun, and it's good way to beat those winter blues, but it's been hard to ignore thoughts of days spent in the boat and fishing open water.  Oh well, soon enough, right?  Anyways, there's some real nice Brown Trout out there this year and they've been a blast.  Concentrate on areas North of Washburn in 25-30 ft of water early in the day, and slide out over deeper water as the day progresses to have a shot at one of these fish.  I've found some great fish out over 50-60 ft of water, but jigging only 10-15 feet below the ice.  Good numbers of Whitefish are being caught, too in those deeper areas.  

Speaking of beating the mid-winter blues...  Be sure to head on over to Northland College for the Fly Fishing Film Tour on Feb. 6th.  This event is a must see for all anglers.  The films get better each year, and it just gets you pumped up for the upcoming season. You don't have to be a fly fisherman to enjoy these films.  Tickets are available at the shop.  Contact the Wild Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited for more info.

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