Mid-April Report

Sure beats a stiff NE wind on Lake Superior in early April.....

The Florida Keys are known for big Bonefish and we found them.

From a Bonefish flat to a Steelhead river in just a few days.  Fish are starting to drop back out of the Brule right now, but fishing should be good for a few weeks yet.

Kind of lagging on the reports here lately, but it's been a busy couple of weeks.  The early part of the month was spent in Key West fishing with Capt. Jared Cyr of Grey Ghost Charters for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. Jared is an excellent guide and the fishing was fantastic.  Some big bonefish were caught and we had shots at Permit.  The wind had the Tarpon pushed out of the area, but it didn't really matter.  There was plenty of life on the flats and few if any other boats around.  Kind of cool to have every flat in Key West to ourselves.  This trip exceeded expectations for sure and it was fun to make some connections down in the Keys.  Thanks to Kat and Nathaniel at The Angling Company in Key West and Captain Jared Cyr.  See you guys next year!

Around here, the Smelt have been going, so everybody is pretty excited about that.  Steelhead fishing has been excellent in the Brule and other South Shore tribs.  Most of the fish we're catching in the Brule right now are dropbacks, but there should still be fish around for a while yet. Nearshore trolling has been pretty good for Splake and Browns, but the water is still pretty cold so this bite will just get better as it warms up a little.  

Smallmouth season isn't too far off either, and we're all trying to hold back the excitement for our favorite fishing of the year.