Lack of Reports = Good Fishing

Here's just a few photos from the year so far, I've got waaaayyy too many photos to chose from, so it was hard to chose just a couple and if you don't see your picture up here, don't get too bummed.

There's usually a direct correlation with how good the fishing is to the amount of reports I get up here, and while there may have been a little procrastination involved, the fishing has been good and the season is flying by.  The post spawn Smallmouth fishing was very good this year and was some of the best fishing of the whole season.  The Smallmouth now are scattered all over the place, mostly chasing the Hex hatch at night.  The key has been to just keep moving to keep finding a few active fish.  There's lots of bait in the Bay right now, so the fish have plenty to eat, and than can mean you either have a really good day of fishing or a tough one.  I always use the Thanksgiving Dinner analogy:  if you found me in the middle of dinner, I'd eat anything, but afterwards, nothing sounds good except laying on the couch.  The fish can feel the same way at times.  On the Walleye front, there has been reports of some pretty darn good Walleye fishing out in front of Second Landing pulling crawler harnesses through the weedbeds.  Trolling has been killer this year so far with guys finding big numbers of Lake Trout.  Sounds like most guys are starting to find fish deeper, but up until recently, the best fishing has been high up in the water column flatlining.   The Hex hatch has been sputtering on local trout rivers, but that could all be winding down here.  

Summer is one of the best times of year for fishing up here in my opinion, especially for Smallmouth and very much so if you're in to sight fishing with a fly rod.  Most people associate sight fishing for smallies with the spring time, but up here, summer is my favorite time to go looking for cruising fish in shallow water.  It's a fun, technical, and rewarding way to fish, especially on a fly, and it's as close to the saltwater game as we can get around here.