Things are shaping up

If the fish are out there, Capt. Roger can find them.

Topwater action on the local Smallmouth rivers has been fantastic! 

While the Bay is still dirty in some areas, the water is slowly but surely cleaning up after our big flood.  Even in that dirty water though, we were able to get out and get into some nice Smallmouth, though the Bay wasn't the most scenic place to be fishing during that time.  Roger and I went out not too long after the peak of the runoff and it took Roger about 15 seconds to hook into a Smallmouth in water with less than 14 inches of visibility.  Just goes to show you, you have to just know where the fish live when the conditions get tough.  Besides the Bay, we have been doing a few float trips down a few area rivers and man, those have been fishing really well for Smallmouth.  We had another storm with massive straight line winds that cut off our travel routes for a few days, but now we're back to getting around again.  On the rivers, it's been all topwater for Smallmouth and we've been putting big numbers of fish in the drift boat.  The river fish tend to be much smaller than the Bay fish, but they're pretty special in their own right.  Coming up in the future, there's still a few dates on the calendar for October, so if you're interested in a fall near shore brown trout trip or a fall smallmouth trip, just let us know!