Early August

Bob with a river smallmouth that absolutely CRUSHED a deer hair diver along the bank.  These river fish are smaller, but they can be extremely aggressive.  

Mark and son enjoyed a few great days on the Bay.  We found most of our fish up shallow, really tight to structure on this day.  

Fishing on the Bay usually means fishing in the wind.  

Elizabeth and Zach have been fishing the Bay for quite some time and came out with us for a day of summer fishing.  Great day guys and hope to see you again soon!

Summer is flying by so fast, it's not even fair!  Smallmouth fishing on the Bay has been pretty steady with the fish finally getting back into the classic summer smallmouth bite, which means they go through feeding windows.  They don't always have to eat this time of year, so you've either got to really slow down presentations, or fish really fast to make them want to eat.  When they do get on a little feed binge, the fishing has been fun.  The water has cleared up a lot since our big flood, though it's not 100% perfect by any means.  Most of the fish have been found in the deeper breaks off structure, though some of fish are up a little shallower and we're finding them spitting up crayfish, which is typical for this time of year.  Dragging something that looks like a crayfish on a Texas Rig over structure has been good.

The Smallmouth rivers have been fishing very well, with great numbers of fish being caught, mostly on big baitfish patterns fished a little deeper.  Just a short drive south of town, these rivers are a great resource and a great way to catch a bunch of feisty Smallmouth in a really cool setting.  

Lake Trout fishing remains strong and many of the Captains and hardcore trollers are saying it has been the best summer of Lake Trout fishing many of them can remember.  

Fall is right around the corner now, and with it comes some of the best fishing of the year.  We've still got just a few dates in October that are available for nearshore casting for Brown Trout, so if you're interested, just holler at the shop or send an email:  info@anglersallwisconsin.com