It's still Summer!

Doubled up!

Kevin from Dallas Texas with his first Lake Superior Smallmouth.


Tonya with a great fish on a recent afternoon half day trip.

We've had some great weather around here towards the end of August and the fishing has been strong on all fronts!  Smallmouth fishing has really picked up lately with the stable weather and the lake settling down finally.  Water temps are hanging around the upper 60s and low 70s depending where you're at and the bait has showed back up in the shallows and the fish are gorging themselves right now.  Lots of fat, happy fish up tight to structure.  The smallmouth fishing should only get better and as the first first cool days of fall start to show up, they'll really start feeding.  Hopefully they'll stay shallow for a little while longer though.  

Still sounds like the offshore guys are doing really well on the Lake Trout out on the flats in 80-100 ft of water.  A few brown trout are starting to show up out there, and there's been lake run Browns in the Brule for a while now.  

Lots of good fishing is upon us and our favorite time of the year is just around the corner!