End of Year Ice Fishing Report

The ice fishermen wanted cold, and they got it!  Sub zero temps have been great for making ice out on the big lake and anglers are hitting a few different zones on the Bay.  Washburn side has around 8 inches and people are taking machines out off the Coal Dock.  A few guys are still walking off the S-Curve and machine travel has been the norm at Second Landing to a mile out and maybe more now.  

Fishing has remained steady with a  great mix of Browns, Splake and Whitefish being caught off the Washburn side.  The fishing pressure has been pretty high over there, and just like open water fishing, the fish can get wise to all that pressure.  There's been very few people fishing the Ashland side, but the fishing has been just as good on this side as the Washburn side, there's just nobody fishing over here.

We've got plenty of tackle and we've got Lake Shiners, so stop in and see what's happening!