The end of open water season?

Well, it looks like it could possibly finally be the end of open water season up here.  The past few days have seen incredible fishing on the big lake with big numbers of Brown Trout and Lake Trout.  Speaking of Lake Trout, the season opened on the 1st of December and we put our first fish in the boat at 8am after lines were set at 7:58am, so yeah, the season got off to a great start!  WIth highs in the mid 40s and calm winds, it made for a great weekend on the water.  Trolling and casting were very productive in shallow water in the islands.  

We're in for a big change weather wise the next day or so, with high winds out of the NW and temps dropping back to normal.  It looks to be pretty cold for the next 10 days, so I'm sure the ice fishermen are excited about that!  In the meantime, don't forget to stop in and stock up on all your ice fishing needs for this season!