Early April Report

Lots going on up here right now!  There's still ice floating around in the bay, but many nearshore areas are ice free and it won't be long until it's all the way open out there.  North of Houghton Point is ice free, although some of the landings have ice in them yet.  It's still wise to pay attention to wind forecasts, as ice from the bay could show up somewhere out there, but generally it's pretty clean to go.  Most guys have been trolling out of Saxon and the Coho bite has been great.  The fish aren't too big, but there's plenty of action most days.  The winds have been down too, which makes it nice.  Water temps are ranging from the low 30s to upper 30s depending on where you're at, so it's still pretty cold out there.  

On the Steelhead tribs, fishing has been good with real nice water levels.  On the Brule, most fish being caught right now are spawned out dropbacks, but a few fresh ones are starting to come in.  The other South Shore tribs are taking fresh fish as well, so now is the time for Steelhead.  


****SMELT WATCH 2017****  

Nothing major happening yet with the smelt run, but it could be any night now.