Early June Report

The weather has been fantastic for the past 10 days or so and the fishing has been hot.  The wind has come up pretty hard out of the SW today, so it's a good day to spend on land and regroup for the next few weeks on the water.  After dealing with some pretty dirty water through the end of May and into the first few days of June, things cleaned up in the Smallmouth water and the fish have been happy.  There's a mix of spawning fish and some post-spawners roaming around out there.  Scattered piles of wood in the 2-4 ft depths as well as out in the 5-7 ft depths have been holding fish.  The weeds are starting to finally show up and if you find an isolated pocket that holds shiners, the fish will be there.  Lots of different things have been working to pick up fish.  On the gear side of things, I'm having most guys throw topwater early, and then go down low and slow.  A texas rig with a grub has been hard to beat.  Twitching a soft jerk bait has worked well too, when the fish are out and active chasing bait.  On the fly side, we're pretty much either throwing hair divers, or murdich minnows.  Heavy sculpin patterns work when the fish won't come off the bottom.  

There are walleyes being caught out from second landing in the early mornings and evenings.  Guys are drifting lindy rigs, or pulling crawler harnesses. 

Guys trolling are doing well too.  The nearshore water temps are still in the mid 50s in some spots and cooler or warmer in others.  Seems like Lake Trout fishing has been great again so far this year.  Most guys are still pulling boards with stickbaits, as well as dipsy divers.