Summer fishing is here

Capt. Luke and his son Jay with a Bay smallmouth

Capt. Luke and his son Jay with a Bay smallmouth

Water temps have finally started to climb and the fish have responded nicely.  Smallmouth are starting to really get into their post-spawn feed actively chasing shiners.  There are still plenty of fish shallow, but some real nice fish have moved into summer areas.  

Walleye fishing had been great with most fish coming on crawler harnesses, but some guys are pulling stick baits off boards as well and picking up fish. The Hex hatch is going pretty good each night, and that can make the bite tough.  

Lake Trout fishing continues to be strong in the islands with most guys starting to pretty much fish deep with spoons off downriggers, but it still pays to have some lines higher up in the water column.  As usual, smaller, "eater" sized fish are being found in the "flats."  

An often overlooked method for catching Lake Trout around here is vertical jigging.  It's actually a pretty darn simple way to get out there and catch some fish.  Use your electronics to locate bait or the fish themselves and drop down to them.  Heavy tube jigs in white have been working best, and depending on the current, you may need to go almost up to 2oz in some cases.  Work steep breaks or offshore stucture and you'll find fish and it's great fun.