Welcome to August!!

It's August already, hard to believe!!!  July ended with an absolute stellar run of weather and the fishing was off the charts!  Water temps in the Bay warmed into the mid to upper 70s with consistent winds and happy fish.  The amount of bait in the bay over the past few seasons is still showing up with massive schools of shiners patrolling shallow weedy areas and points of current.  Smallmouth are relating to these areas and sometimes it pays to look around a little more to find active fish instead of beating the same old spots over and over. This is also the time of year to look for fish getting after crayfish.  Lots of fish have been spitting them up when we've hooked them, so adjust accordingly and you'll get bit.  

Walleyes are being caught trolling cranks and stickbaits as the sun goes down along deep weeds and we've even caught a few casting plastics into structure near deep drops.  

Lake trout fishing is steady throughout the flats and into the islands with guys reporting consistent limits of fish.  

When we get to this time of year, it can be important to watch wind direction as it influences water temperatures.  When a good offshore wind is blowing the water will cool and with it brings some browns.  We caught a few real nice browns on drop shot rigs while fishing a smallmouth spot the other day as the water had cooled due to some offshore winds.  As the summer progresses, this will be more and more common.  

Good luck out there!!