Getting to the good stuff!

We’re getting to the most magical time of year up here! That’s right, fall is just about here and with it comes some of the best fishing of the year. Now is a great time to get geared up for all the opportunities that fall gives fisherman. Here’s a quick rundown of some gear and fall situations that are the most popular fisheries around here:

Smallmouth: Think deeper water, (15-30ft). Fish will transition with temps cooling and start to feed heavily. Drop shot rigs, jigging spoons, heavy tube jigs and of course live bait will take fish. Can be the best time of year for big fish.

Trout/Salmon: Fish will be found in nearshore areas around the mainland and in the islands. Rain will bring fish to the rivermouths. Trolling stickbaits on flatlines is the best way and is very easy. Some hot baits include scatter raps and bay rats.

Musky: Fall is the best time to chase these toothy critters and one of the best places to look for them is our area rivers. Don’t overlook fly fishing as a way to fool these fish. We’ve got some nice fly gear in the shop to help with your fall musky hunts.

Steelhead: Everybody should experience the fall steelhead run on the Brule. The leaves are turning, and the fish are chrome and fired up. If the water is low and clear, go small with your flies (12-14s). If it’s high and dirty, fish bigger. We’ve got a great selection of steelhead flies to help get you started.

Get geared up and get out this fall for some amazing fishing!