Lots of ice!!

Currently, Lake Superior sits at about 75 percent ice covered! This has allowed for some great fishing in the classic “bobbing” areas of the Apostle Islands and guys have been on some great Lake Trout and Whitefish out there. The one big thing that’s been a factor this year has been slush, with all the snow, which is making for some miserable travel conditions in some areas. The best way to go right now is by snowmobile just about anywhere you go out there.

Those big lakers can be found anywhere from 60-200 ft of water and all the classic baits are working. The best way to go is a “beatle” rigged with cut smelt, although bigger jigging spoons or big bucktails work well too. It’s a lot of fun to get yanked on by a huge old laker in deep water! If you’re a first timer to the Apostle Islands trout game, it’s best to go with a guide as conditions in the Islands are always changing and it can be a dangerous place to ice fish. Call the shop and we can set you up with an experienced ice outfitter.

We have “bobbing” equipment in stock, and this isn’t stuff you can find at the local big box store, so stop in and we’d be happy to help get you in the right direction. This is one of those year with a lot of ice, so we might as well take advantage of it.

Also, lots of people asking if they can drive trucks on the Bay, and the short answer is no. There are a few plowed areas, but it’s best just to run out on a snowmobile.