June 1

Lots of this in the month of May and more to come!

Lots of this in the month of May and more to come!

The month of May was filled with up and down weather but some great fishing. On the Smallmouth front, it was game on from opening day on, with fish being shallow right off the bat. As the month progressed, we were blessed with two snow storms that chilled the water back down but the bite would heat back up as the water warmed. It was a great month of fishing for sure.

Now that we’re into June, there’s still a lot of fish that are making their way shallow, and adding that to the fish that are already here will make for some great fishing over the next few weeks. Water temps range from the mid 50s to the low 60s depending on where you’re looking.

A simple jig and grub has been the best presentation. The 5 inch yamamoto power grub rigged on a small jighead is the way to go.

On the trolling front, guys are starting to prospect in the deeper water and putting some big lake trout in the boats. There’s still some action up high in the water column as well, so there’s lots of options for both nearshore and offshore trolling.

A few walleyes are starting to be caught around the brush point area pulling crawler harnesses.

The weather looks great over the next week so it could be a great time to come up and do some fishing!