Guide Picks: Shore fishing and steelhead

As the Ice slowly works its way out, and the smell of spring is in the air, many new fishing opportunities open up in the northland and along the South Shore of Lake Superior.  Steelhead will be the name of the game when the rivers open up and don't forget we have some fantastic river mouth fishing as well.  


Guide Picks:

Fishpond Summit Sling:  The most comfortable, durable and design rich sling available.

Redington 7/8 Behemoth:  The most powerful drag in its class with stunning aesthetics that push the limits of fly reel design.

Redington Sonic Pro Waders: Created with ultra-durable 4-layer, waterproof/breathable DWR coated fabric and feature double taped, sonic welded seams (no sew construction), articulated seams for increased mobility, and reinforced lower legs and seat for durability

RIO InTouch Outbound Short Line:  Exceptional powerful, easy casting, line built for maximum distance, with ultra low stretch performance.

RIO Salmon/Steelhead Tippet:  Medium stiff tippet ideal for steelhead, salmon and spey fishing.

Redington 1/4 Zip Grid Fleece:  A high-performance fleece layer for all scenarios, from out on the river to out on the town.


rigging for rivermouth fishing:

An under utilized fishery on Chequamegon Bay and the South Shore is the nearshore and rivermouth fishing on a fly and even on light tackle.  If you're looking to catch some of our big Brown trout Steelhead and early spring Coho's on a fly, this is one of your best chances to hook these fish when they're bright and fresh out in that open water.  They love to eat flies, and they put up a great fight when they've got all that room to run.  In terms of fly choice, it's pretty simple.  Classic baitfish patterns like a Deceiver and even Clousers work great.  White and White/Chartreuse are great color options.  Coho's really will jump on pink fly.  Flies don't need to be very big, 4's and 2's are great.  The most important piece of equipment you'll need is the right fly line for the job.  It helps to be able to add distance to your cast so you can cover a lot of water.  You'll also be casting a lot, so you need to be efficient.  RIO's new Outbound Short InTouch is my personal favorite choice for hucking line at the rivermouths.  It casts a mile, it's easy to handle and it will turn over big flies with ease.  We carry the Intermediate head with floating running line at the shop, which has been the best overall option. Come check this great line today.  Leaders can be pretty simple. I'll usually just run 5-7 ft of straight 10 lb test in the new RIO Steelhed/Salmon tippet.   Another great piece of equipment that I use is a 6 ft aluminum ladder.  I'll wade out as far as I can then stand on the ladder.  It may look funny, but you can effectively cast a fly rod in deeper water and you won't get as cold as you do when you're waist deep in that chilly spring Lake Superior water.

If you like to throw a spinning rod, the river mouths present another great option to scratch your open water itch.  I prefer a long rod with a stiff butt section and a soft tip.  This allows you to really lob out a long cast and cover some water.  As I mentioned above, the use of ladder is still great.  I'll fill a reel with 10 lb Power Pro and run a 12 lb flourcarbon leader off the end.  My favorite lures to throw are Swedish Pimples in size 7 or 8 and Krocodile Spoons.  I like white and copper and orange.