Welcome to Anglers All Guide Service, your premier fly fishing and light tackle angling charter service on Chequamegon Bay in Ashland, Wisconsin. 

We operate a professional guide service with over 30 years experience specializing in fly fishing and light tackle angling for Smallmouth Bass and other species on chequamegon bay and northern wisconsin's inland lakes and rivers. 


Roger Lapenter helped to establish Chequamegon Bay as "catch and release water" over 20 years ago. Protecting our resource has resulted in bass that grow to maturity resulting in perhaps some of the best smallmouth angling in the world literally out the back door of the shop.  

Our guides run trips in Ranger 191 Cayman boats which provide a comfortable, clean interface between angler and fish.  When the weather turns nasty on Superior, we head inland to a variety of different waters.  We also offer drift boat trips on some beautiful area rivers for musky and smallmouth through the summer months and into the prime fall fishing season.  For those interested in Great Lakes Trout and Salmon fishing, we offer a limited number of trips in the late fall for either those willing to throw flies or cast spoons to shallow water trout and salmon.  Don't forget to ask about our winter trips to saltwater destinations!

The Fishing Season: 

By mid May, we're running trips for pre spawn Smallmouth on Chequamegon Bay and the areas inland lakes and rivers.  This is some of the best fishing of the entire season, as the first groups of fish move into the shallows and become aggressive.  As the spring progresses, the fishing continues to be strong with high numbers of fish a common occurrence.  Top water fishing becomes strong as the water warms into mid June.  By the end of June and into early July, the fish begin to spread out throughout the bay and can be found shallow and deep presenting many great opportunities to find smallmouth with minimal fishing pressure.  By mid-summer, drift boat trips on the rivers heat up and we find fantastic fishing for smallmouth in some beautiful settings.   By August and into September the Bay fish begin to feed heavily and are usually found in deeper water, although the fish will filter up onto shallow flats to feed presenting great sight fishing opportunities.  Late September and October have the fish schooling up and aggressively feeding before the onset of winter and gives anglers the opportunity for a shot at the biggest smallmouth of the season.  Fall is also prime time for Musky fishing on the river and gives those wishing to land this elusive fish on fly their best shot.  Trout and Salmon fishing in the cooler waters of the Bay region is also at its best and can present some of the most unique fishing opportunities of the year.

Fishing with Anglers All:

You'll find yourself the morning of your trip at Anglers All in Ashland, with Chequameon Bay out the back door of the shop.  We can recommend gear and tackle or flies to bring with on your trip and our store is filled with all the necessary items for a day on the water. Our guides run trips on the Bay with Ranger 191 Cayman saltwater boats.  These boats are the absolute best and most unique way to experience our fishery giving anglers a comfortable, clean and professional fishing platform.  Not only do our boats allow us to ply shallow flats, but they also handle the bay's infamous choppy waves with ease.  A full day of fishing is 8 hours and you'll experience a variety of fishing tactics and hopefully learn a little something about our beautiful area and the great resource that Chequamegon Bay is.  We also offer trips in our drift boat on a number of inland rivers for smallmouth bass and musky.  


Fly Fishing or Light Tackle

Full Day:  $450 (1 or 2 people)

Half Day: $350 (1 or 2 people)

Add $50 for 3rd person on full and half day trips

Booking a Trip:

A $100 deposit is required for each day reserved with each guide.  Deposits are non-refundable unless guide cancels trip (Usually due to inclement weather).  If client cancels trip your guide will try to find another day in the same year, otherwise deposit is forfeited.  Cancellations within 30 days of trip will forfeit deposit. If cancellation occurs within 2 days of trip, customer will be charged in full. 

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What to Bring:

Weather plays a big role in fishing Lake Superior so, we watch the weather like hawks. Generally speaking, we recommend warmer clothing than you might normally expect to need.  The shop can set you up with all the necessary equipment, but in general here is a good checklist:

  • Raincoat/warm Jacket
  • Rain pants
  • Baseball cap
  • Sunscreen
  • non-skid shoes (white soled) or Extra Tuffs
  • polarized sunglasses
  • camera     
  • your own lunch      
  • Fishing license                     

Capt. Roger Lapenter (1944-2017)

Rogers biography would take a novel of epic proportions to capture. He has done it all and then some. In terms of guiding he began in the Rocky Mountains with one of the first rafting companies in the Aspen Valley guiding fishing and hunting. Roger spent years fishing all of Florida's waters, which later prompted him to start a fishing camp inMexico. His travels have led him to fishing destinations including Alaska and Central America, and perhaps most notably, 40 years of fishing the Bahamas.  As a lifetime achievement, Roger helped pave the way to a sustainable fishery in Northern Wisconsin by advocating for a catch and release regulation on Smallmouth Bass in the Chequamegon Bay. The results speak for themselves as this fishery, over 20 years in the making, now thrives with some of the largest Bass in North America. Roger's relationship with the Smallmouth Bass of lake Superior was on a very personal basis, however, knowing his modest demeanor, let it suffice to describe him as the type of fisherman that, if there are fish to be caught Roger would find them; a true fish indicator! Roger was inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in August of 2014. His latest fishing adventures found him in the little known waters of an island in the south eastern Bahamas.  Captain Roger passed on to continue to watch over his fisherman in late January of 2017.  He will be missed by many people, but his legacy will continue to live on.

Capt. Luke Kavajecz

Looking to continue to support, promote and protect a sustainable catch and release fishery on the bay, I’ve followed my calling to share the great waters of the Bay with all anglers whether pursing smallmouth with a fly rod or on light tackle.  I'm always looking for parallels between saltwater flats fishing and fishing Lake Superior's open water and hope to give customers a unique perspective on shallow water smallmouth bass fishing.  He probably doesn't remember, but Roger showed me how to tie a Clouser Minow when I was about 9 years old, which basically started my fly fishing addiction, and love for shallow water Smallmouth Bass angling. As a freelance writer and photographer, my work has appeared in The Fly Fish Journal, The Drake Magazine, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine, and other publications.  As a guide, my number one goal is to continue to carry on Capt. Roger's legacy and edcucate future anglers about the work he did to help create one of the best fisheries in the county.

Visit my site "Freshcoast Angling" to learn more:


email:  luke@freshcoastangling.com

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